10 Awesome 2020 Wrestling Moments We Wish Had Live Fans

Yeah, these AEW & WWE moments were great, but imagine them with a crowd...


It's fair to say that for much of the world's population, 2020 has brought shocks, surprises, and sometimes, abject misery, all in equal measure. This applies not only to professional wrestling, but the outside world as well. Everything was paused for a time, and many companies had to find ways to proceed, as sitting idle may signal their demise.

Thankfully, wrestling has powered through, and many interesting directions were taken to ensure that the fans have still been given plenty of amazing moments and good quality shows. But while the business has done an excellent job of surviving, there is still plenty of disappointment surrounding some fantastic moments.

Wrestling is inherently an interactive show that relies heavily on how the crowd reacts to what is presented to them. When they vanished, wrestling stuffered. Having little to no audience has led to many segments of the year feeling deflated compared to what they could have been.

While these specific occurrences in the industry have still been incredibly powerful and well done, the lack of live viewers has undoubtedly left a lot to be desired for the performers and fans alike...


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