10 Awesome Real Wrestler Names That Are Better Than Their Ring Names

Sometimes real life is better than fiction.

It is impossible to overstate the importance of choosing a ring name in the crazy world of professional wrestling.

Sure, talent, hard work and a little bit of luck may very well be more important, but if first impressions truly count then an interesting name on the card can be the difference between checking a match out and using the match as a bathroom break for the casual fan.

WWE hasn't the best track record when it comes to ring names over the past few years, as the trend towards a more reality based product has left us with in-ring competitors such as Dean Ambrose, Darren Young, Michael McGillicutty and more. Heck, it doesn't exactly get much better when old-fashioned gimmick names are used either, as Dolph Ziggler and No Way Jose can testify.

The less said about Braden Walker the better.

Wrestler's real names have always been something of a fascinating subject for fans, as the men and women we cheer and boo on our screens truly are multiple personality beings. There is a sense of intrigue and confusion that stems from it, whether it was finding out that Shawn Michaels is actually Michael Hickenbottom or that Brock Lesnar is actually his real name.

Every now and then, a wrestler's real name simply blows their gimmick name out of the water, as examplified by these ten performers.

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