10 Awesome Wrestlers WWE Totally Slept On

Your loss, Vince.

Even at the best of times, WWE's creative decisions rarely have much of a logical through-line, and even when they're not actually screwing up a major storyline, it's likely they're giving some of their most talented superstars the short shrift.

The decades are littered with fantastic athletes who WWE never pulled the trigger on, whether due to Vince McMahon's noted disdain for "short" wrestlers, or a stubborn desire to commit to the script rather than what the crowd actually wants to see.

For some of these wrestlers they've at least got the opportunity to pull a Drew McIntyre and bolster their brand away from WWE before making a well-earned return, while in other cases the talent may have simply moved on. Sadly in one case, however, the wrestler in question is no longer with us.

Whatever the circumstances, WWE did totally wrong by these 10 terrific superstars, who had all the potential in the world to be major money makers for the company if only given a fighting chance.

Instead horrible gimmicks, nonsensical booking and inexplicable demotions ensured...

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