10 Awesome Wrestling Insults That Nobody Ever Talks About

In which Ric Flair shares the same stage with Natalya (!)


Let's analyse, in depth and in good faith, Seth Rollins' catastrophic "Sparklecrotch" promo of October 17, 2016.

"You know Chris, if you're gonna put something on that list, why don't you start with that terrible scarf of yours? While I'm lookin' at ya, you can add those rinky-dink tattoos on there, your tacky little haircut, your creepy moustache - and how 'bout those trunks, Sparklecrotch?"

It was funny because Chris Jericho looked gay, you see?

That's it. That's the analysis.

It's not as if Rollins himself is a blank-trunks bruiser in the mould of a Stan Hansen or a Steve Austin. Rollins once wore sparkly gold at WrestleMania. This sh*t wasn't even in character, but because it was "such good sh*t," it was interchangeably applied to Seth Rollins on this particular night. Virtually any of Chris Jericho's babyface opponents could have delivered that material, and, since Dean Ambrose earlier that year had ripped on Jericho's scarf - "What's up with that scarf, dude?" - virtually all of his opponents did.

This was typical of WWE's modern approach, in which the most cutting insults are delivered not by the talents but the jaded fanbase. And yet, somehow, alongside a pantheon of B-side classics lost to the Greatest Hits of legends, one scripted PG line does materialise here...


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