10 Awful WWE Ruthless Aggression Gimmicks That Didn't Get Over

9. Copycat Charlie Haas


There are plenty of gimmicks in wrestling that are almost guaranteed to fail, but for some reason there are two that promoters return to time and time again. One of these is the losing streak gimmick, a state of affairs that only ever succeeds in making the poor sod lumped with it look like a loser. The other? The wrestler who mimics other wrestlers.

How could anyone possibly care about a wrestler whose gimmick is to pretend to be other wrestlers? It might get a reaction from the wrestlers themselves, but it is guaranteed to produce little more than crickets from the paying audience. If you want a direct connection to career suicide, start coming to the ring pretending to be an industry legend

Charlie Haas was saddled with this nonsense towards the end of the Ruthless Aggression era, after a short stint where he added a mask mid-match and embraced an alter-ego. Haas didn’t win many matches with the gimmick, routinely being defeated by heels on the way up the card. He did win a Slammy Award, but since when has that mattered?

Haas was a hugely talented performer who deserved more than this nonsense. Chad Gable fans be warned — if the Olympian starts copying Bobby Roode’s mannerisms, the writing may well be on the wall.


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