10 Best Backstage WWE Stories From Bruce Prichard's Podcast

10. "Second Most Recognisable Athlete" (Dusty Rhodes)

Dusty Rhodes

The closing line of that intro is indelibly linked to the 'American Dream' Dusty Rhodes. His jive-talking, smooth-walking promo style lives on today as one of wrestling's finest, and his words let fans peer inside the mind of a man who was as self-confident in his own abilities as they come.

In fact, he was the "second most recognisable athlete, second only to Muhammad Ali, in the world". Don't you ever forget it, baby.

Even Prichard had a little laugh when he recalled riding with Dusty in the late-80s, only to be pulled over by cops. Hilariously, right before they'd been hailed down by sirens, Rhodes had been telling Bruce that he was comparable to the household name boxer. Prichard couldn't have written what happened next.

The police officer recognised Prichard as the WWF's Brother Love, and asked him to sign some autographs for his kids. Then, he shone his light in Dusty's face and asked who he was. Instantly, Dream's cocksure facial expression contorted into one of agony.

How dare this boy in blue question the "second most recognisable athlete in the world".


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