10 Best Brock Lesnar Matches From WWE's Ruthless Aggression Era

Brock's prime?

Brock Lesnar Kurt Angle Smackdown

Brock Lesnar's career is split into two distinctive parts. From his debut in 2002, until his exit in 2004, he worked a far more traditional style which involved a larger move set and longer matches. It was a mix of technicality and brawling, quickly establishing him (alongside a huge push) as one of the finer workers in the business.

But just as he hit his peak, Lesnar left. He was unhappy with both management and working conditions, plus he knew that he had great potential in legitimate sporting pursuits.

He ended up making a huge name for himself in MMA, becoming UFC Heavyweight Champion and establishing himself as the biggest PPV draw in the sport's history. However, like his initial WWE career, his MMA run didn't last long. Health issues and a limited skill set meant he was done in the sport by the end of 2011. His aggressive style just didn't match up to more refined MMA fighters.

For WWE that meant opportunity. Drawing on his MMA fame, Brock came back to Vince McMahon's circus as an a** kicking machine. Ground and pound, arm locks, and punches; his style has been far more MMA based. Plaudits followed, with several of his 2012 - 2016 efforts celebrated as some of WWE's finest bouts of this decade. There's no question: He's a great worker.

But with his 2002-2004 run now often overlooked, it is also worth looking back at his best matches of the 'Ruthless Aggression' era, when he was arguably a more rounded pro wrestler.

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