10 Best Character Arcs In Wrestling Today

It’s all about the journey.


Suffering builds character.

In wrestling, pain is a principle of life and personality shifts both good and bad can come at the drop of a dime. Some make no sense (see every single one booked by Vince Russo during his time murdering - I mean booking - WCW). Others can be true works of storytelling brilliance.

Some wrestlers have managed to keep an amazingly long term story and developing personality arc running throughout much of their careers (see Shawn Michaels, Triple H and Mick Foley for prime examples). Who in today’s wrestling climate is fighting the good fight on the story and character fronts? In this age of increasingly athletic wrestling and decreasingly colourful storytelling, whose stories are standing out the most? And, to be clear, standing out for good reasons.

From all over the world, we take a look here at a diverse range of talent keeping us hooked on their every moment. From the serious to the funny and the sad to the strong, let’s discuss the greatest character work in wrestling today.

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Finn Balor
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