10 Best Costumes From NXT's Halloween Show

It's all about the Imitation Game!

NXT Halloween
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If you're lucky enough to live in a hermetically sealed condominium, safe from the trajectory of eggs and sweet-seeking spooks, you may not have realised that yesterday was Halloween.

NXT's roster certainly did. Whilst WWE's core performers were pratting about over in Saudi Arabia last night, most of the Full Sail crew were pratting about themselves - in a much less morally tricky manner - for an absolute treat of a house show in Orlando, FL.

Two battle royals were held, one for each of the women's and men's rosters, and as October 31 is the scariest date on the calendar, the participants pulled out all the stops with a range of creeptacular costumes.

Well, many of them weren't actually that creepy. But they were uniformly awesome. Amidst the antics, we saw unicorn princesses, Biblical characters, R&B icons and Marcel Barthel being a boring b*stard.

But that only scratches the surface of the silliness. Some Performance Center natives in particular pushed the boat right out of the dock in dressing up, paying homage to WWE superstars both past and present - up to and including one of the bosses.

That's one way to work up the greasy chain, at least.

10. The Queen Of Vaders

NXT Halloween
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The force was stronger than usual for Shayna Baszler last night, as she tapped into her darker side donning the mask of Darth Vader. The Queen of Spades is no stranger to choking out her opponents, but she it did it without even touching them in this match.

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