10 Best 'Flippy Sh*t' Wrestlers

I believe I can fly...

Kirby Ospreay
Oli Sandler / The Ringside Perspective

When Jushin Liger first performed the Shooting Star Press back in the eighties, few could have predicted that moves like that would become so prevalent and commonplace in professional wrestling.

As the industry has continued to evolve and the athleticism of its performers and the pace at which they can work continued to escalate, some wrestlers have raised the bar for cruiserweight wrestling to insane heights.

Nowadays, there are performers on the independent circuit who bust out 450 and 630 splashes like they're nothing.

And while high flyers like Tiger Mask, Dynamite Kid, Jushin 'Thunder' Liger, The Great Sasuke, Rey Mysterio Jr, Psicosis, Ultimo Dragon, Hayabusa, Jeff Hardy and Rob Van Dam all changed the industry and set the groundwork for the high flying performers we see today, this list is strictly focusing on the modern day athletes who regularly display the craziest top rope and flipping moves in the business in 2016.

Here are ten of the most innovative high flyers in pro-wrestling today.


Working babyface out of Mid-South in the eighties...