10 Best Heel Turns Of The WWE Attitude Era

"I am the f*cking Game!"

One of the biggest handles of the Attitude Era was that it no longer prescribed to the generic formula of 'good guys versus bad guys' - or so that was the idea. For all of its anarchic anti-heroics, babyfaces and heels still existed during this saga of WWE in the same distinct balance as in any other period of the business.

Likewise, the good old turn was in no shortage.

Yet, as many of the iconic superstars of the late 90s and early 00s were so entrenched and invested in their personas, a turn either way had to really count. Don't be surprised, then, that a few of the turns on this list marked the forging, or should we say, reforging of some of the most iconic names in the industry.

Honourable mentions go out to Val Venis and The Godfather’s turn to Right to Censor, the boundless jumps by The Big Show, and Chris Jericho's turn at the end of The Invasion.

The following, however came with a kick that can't be omitted when discussing the wrestler in question, even 20 or so years later.


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