10 Best Heels Of WWE's PG Era

The stars you just love to hate.

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When asked about their preference for roles, many performers will proclaim their love for playing the bad guy. The argument that it's easier to make people hate you is often brought up and no more is that true than in the world of wrestling.

The art of being a heel has evolved drastically over the years. Ever since the likes of Stone Cold Steve Austin blurred the lines between good and bad, audiences have rejected the old babyface staples and shown their hunger for edgier, more exciting villains.

The best heels create the greatest heroes and act as the true driving force that keeps audiences coming back for more. We long to see them thwarted but it's up to them to implant that searing desire in us.

Many have argued that when WWE became PG in 2008, the move diluted the product and was the death knell for truly diabolical heels. Beyond the odd, inevitable example, believable and engrossing heels have actually been prominent from the outset. Be they fresh faces perfectly embodying a new villainous role or an existing superstar reborn by a turn, the PG Era has been home to some of the best heel runs in the company's history.

10. Mark Henry (Hall Of Pain 2011)

the miz

Very few fans could have foreseen Mark Henry becoming one the most entertaining and dominant aspects of WWE programming in 2011. The former 'Sexual Chocolate' had never been a true monster in the promotion and his more comedic roles had always undercut any serious attempt to push him accordingly.

A draft move to Smackdown in April 2011 changed all that. The blue brand was far from blessed when it came to main event talent and Henry transitioned from mid-card tag team performer to World Championship contender in a matter of weeks.

Finally Henry was presented as a legitimate threat and both his in ring style and promo skills flourished in a new heel role.

One of the key aspects of the successful run was the introduction of the Hall of Pain. Originally pitched by Brodus Clay for his own singles run, the gimmick was given to Henry and the rest is history.

Big Show, Kane, Vladimir Kozlov, and The Great Khali all became victims of Henry's new persona, and after an impressive feud with Randy Orton, he captured his first World Championship. Add to that the legendary retirement speech swerve and feud with John Cena and it's clear that the PG Era was when Henry truly lived up to his potential.

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