10 Best Moments From Bray Wyatt’s WWE Career

The moments that proved Bray Wyatt was one of a kind.

The Fiend
"He's got the whole world in his hands."

The recent passing of Windham Rotunda, better known to WWE fans as Bray Wyatt, has shaken the wrestling world and left a hole that can never be filled.

Wyatt was a once-in-a-lifetime performer. He was a creative genius with a phenomenal ability to tell complex stories that pushed the boundaries of what wrestling could be. Only the most unique, special, ahead-of-their-time talents can elevate the medium in the way he did.

Whether it was his impressive in-ring work, stellar abilities on the mic, or his use of theatrics, it's safe to say that Wyatt profoundly influenced the entire wrestling industry.

This talented performer achieved many things throughout his WWE tenure, and there is plenty of praise to be heaped onto him. As such, let's all take a moment to look back on the work this man produced and appreciate the greatest moments of his illustrious career.

Some notable honourable mentions to start off with include his Tag Team Championship run with Randy Orton, his final NXT speech, the Ring of Fire match with Kane, and the Strap Match with Daniel Bryan.

Rest in peace, Windham Rotunda.

10. The Undertaker Gives His Wisdom

The Fiend

Wyatt was often compared to The Undertaker, thanks to their similar focus on supernatural gimmicks. However, he never sought that comparison and had often stated that he was only ever seeking to be his own thing. Regardless, this small moment shared between the pair felt like a monumental passing of the torch.

This sequence came during the Raw 30th-anniversary special, Raw is XXX. It followed Wyatt and The Undertaker, in his American Badass persona, as they joined forces to attack the Megastar LA Knight. Seeing the iconic performers collaborate was enough in itself, but a small moment shared between 'Taker and Wyatt was what really stood out.

As Undertaker left the ring, he whispered directly into Bray Wyatt's ear. Mark Callaway has shared that he'd told Wyatt he could always come to him for advice. Still, although the fans couldn't hear the exchange, it was clear that the Phenom was providing a great honour to Wyatt.

Seeing the veteran endorse his younger peer was deeply meaningful. It also speaks to the subtlety and nuance of Wyatt's character and facial acting skills that he made this small act of whispering feel like a profound moment.

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