10 Best Moments From WWE’s Worst Performers

10. Curtis Axel's B-Team Resurgence

The B Team

Let's start with something recent.

It's actually a wonder that Curtis Axel survived that "Genesis of McGillicutty" promo from the old NXT show in 2010. After stumbling over his words and unintentionally making himself look like a complete idiot, nobody could have guessed that he'd still be employed around eight years later and, more impressively, over with fans.

This B-Team lark Axel is working with fellow straggler Bo Dallas is a million times better than being called McGillicutty, sapping energy from fans as part of "The New Nexus" or failing under the tutelage of Paul Heyman. For what it's worth, being a comedic babyface is a vast improvement.

Despite being someone that once seemed like a no-hoper who would never be over on his own merits, Axel is enjoying himself now and that's rather nice to see. He'll never be that main event wonder WWE tried to create in 2013, but he has his place for perhaps the first time ever.

Go (B) Team.

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