10 Best NXT Matches Of 2019 (So Far)

Young King Cole.


A foreword on this list - 2019's half-way point provides opportune time for reflection on action thus far, but it's eminently possible that many of the matches here could appear in the December end-of-year edition.

NXT, for all the potential pitfalls, remains a glorious gift to the fanbase at large.

The weekly television product, subjectively, hasn't ever really recovered from the bleak reality of the future all the hopefuls theoretically aspire towards. A 2014-2016 golden era was underpinned by a collective drive for all the "developmental" prospects to make it to the main roster, back when the supposed grander stage had greater prestige than Full Sail or a blacklit TakeOver special. Back before an inconvenient truth was the devastating norm.

With Superstars suffering their sophomore slump at the hands of main roster writers rather than those in Orlando, Florida, NXT has instead become the place to enjoy the characters you love, and pray to a deity of your choosing that they never f*cking leave. It's an odd setup, admittedly, but one that helped usher in the balls-to-the-wall match quality that's elevated the specials (if not the show overall) into rarified air.

A card once extremely hard just to get on to became just about impossible unless you could promise to blow the roof off. It's why the TakeOver brand is so sacred, and why almost every match on this list comes from one of the year's editions.



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