10 Best Power Couples In Wrestling Today

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A power couple is a romantic pairing where both individuals are successful and influential in their own right. As a couple, their combined power is beneficial to each, with both parties propelling each other, and the couple, to new heights. In the world of pro-wrestling it is easy to see why being in a power couple would be so advantageous.

Power couples of the ‘80s showcased male wrestlers and female managers. This worked well regardless of the duo’s alignment. There is no doubt Miss Elizabeth helped Randy Savage get over as a face, just as much as Sensational Sherri was instrumental to his heel turn.

In the ‘90s, WWE shifted some focus onto female performers. In regards to breaking the wrestler-manager roles of previous generations, Sable's turn on Marc Mero is a standout, particularly the iconic moment when she Sable Bombed him during a 1998 episode of Raw. However, other less mainstream wrestling promotions were pushing this much further (i.e. Beulah Mcgillicutty’s beatdown of Bill Alfonso on ECW).

Starting from the ‘00s to the present day, wrestling’s power couples predominantly share equal time in the ring and have comparable accomplishments. These are the pairings in charge today.


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