10 Best Simultaneous WWE/WCW Heavyweight Champions

Golden Stars.


Is there finally some blood in wrestling's stormier-than-usual waters?

All Elite Wrestling are barely a thing, and yet they are to some The Thing that will completely transform the near future of the entire industry. Impressive A-Shows and flawed-but-functional B-Shows have thus far implied that AEW will do just fine competing with established leader WWE when they move to weekly television later in the year.

Despite the big talking (and even bigger stumbling) that came from Dixie Carter's TNA in 2010, this is truly the first time that an organisation has taken a run at Vince McMahon in North America. Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff's attempts to transform wrestling's future were rooted entirely in its dank past. Cody Rhodes may be dusting off Tully Blanchard to be a manager and Awesome and Aja Kong to mask the dearth of creativity in his Women's division, but his stiffy for JCP wouldn't result in him putting Barry Windham over MJF. Hogan's cronies ran roughshod over hard-grafting regulars before f*cking off and leaving it in a far worse state than they found it.

WCW experienced something of a protracted version of this at the very end of their financial golden era, but with that at least came a legacy of competing with and defeating McMahon's empire for a short while. Dream match comparisons were the norm, but how do rival figureheads look decades on?


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