10 Best Things The Internet Has Done With WWE Raw (5 Oct)

"They couldn't have picked a worse time to suck at writing."

Hollywood star Joseph Gordon-Levitt once said "The internet is allowing what used to be a monologue to become a dialogue. I think that's healthy". Healthy? He clearly never reads Twitter in the hours following an episode of Raw, especially with the show's ratings at an all-time low in recent weeks. Fortunately, for all the rage and frustration aimed at WWE on a weekly basis, some of it is packaged in a witty or thought-provoking fashion. The law of averages makes it so. Even the wrestlers themselves get involved; this week we've included content from Xavier Woods, Kofi Kingston and Stardust, as well as the usual mix of fans, parody Twitter accounts, and nonsensical memes.

10. Xavier Woods Makes His Intentions Clear... Before Raw had even begun, Xavier Woods announced the New Day's intention of challenging for the US Championship for the second week in a row. It initially seemed to be nothing more than an innocuous brag, the sort of bravado spouted by Woods on a regular basis. Few would have guessed just how telling a tweet this would become in the grand scheme of things. Raw's main event say Dolph Ziggler take on John Cena, only for the New Day to brutally ambush Dolph backstage and drag his limp body out onto the entrance ramp. Big E. lost the subsequent title match, but the trio stood tall over Cena, Ziggler, and both Dudley Boyz to end the show. It was a newer, more vicious side to the Tag Team Champions, and the most shocking part of an otherwise run-of-the-mill Raw.
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