10 Best Things The Internet Has Done With WWE Raw (Jan 11)

Big E. sells like a starfish, Xavier Woods mourns a fallen comrade, and Chris Jericho enjoys a few drinks...

The internet can be a hurtful place. This week's top 10 is littered with mockery and abuse (some of it way below the belt), the victims of which include Alberto Del Rio, Roman Reigns, and (of course) the WWE creative team. On the other hand, it can also be the source of heartwarming acts of kindness - although these do crop up with admittedly lesser frequency. As well as the usual boatload of ridicule and scorn, this week's best internet moments also feature one or two entries that restore a little faith in the wrestling world - from Stardust's touching tribute to a genuine legend, to Xavier Woods' real concern over a fallen comrade. NBA megastar LeBron James even got himself involved in the discussion surrounding Raw, showing his support for a future Hall of Famer. Although not a particularly strong Raw, this week's edition has certainly generated a very mixed reaction - some positive, and some...not so positive.

10. It's Funny Because It's True Once again, @WWECreative_ish waste no time bringing the thunder with this direct assault on the WWE owner. Vince McMahon's latest bunch of onscreen appearances have shown him in slightly erratic fashion, as he attempts to thwart Roman Reigns' attempts to hold on to the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. But surely he'd have enough composure to name every one of the roster members he brought out onstage at the top of the show, right? Right!?

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