10 Best Wrestling Finishers Of 2020

Drew McIntyre's Claymore is just one of the moves that made a big impact this year.

Drew McIntyre Brock Lesnar Claymore Kick

A good finishing move in the pandemic era is something that makes a satisfying noise to make up for the lack of crowd pop, looks great and like it really flipping hurts. This year has been a fine year for finishers that tick these boxes, so making this list wasn't an easy job.

The Young Bucks' Meltzer Driver surely has to go down in history as the best looking finisher of all time. I mean, it's named after Wrestling Observer creator and pro wrestling's harshest critic Dave Meltzer, in ode to its pure beauty being able to get over with even the most stubborn fan. That being said, being one of the most praised moves of the last decade, it's had its time in the spotlight and there are other moves that have had a more significant and specific impact this year.

Chris Jericho's Judas Effect has a beautiful simplicity to it and can therefore be hit at any given moment, a trait that adds to the crowd pop of any move, much like the famous RKO and even the Spear. However, with the absence of crowds this year, moves like the Judas Effect have been in need of an extra something to really get across as the "Game Over" moment.

On this list are some of the finishers, old, new and revamped that helped make 2020 a stand-out year for wrestling.


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