10 Best Wrestling Matches Of 2020 (So Far)

In which one man Cleans up.


Through the most numbing and unprecedented of global events, pro wrestling has splintered from its two greatest years ever into a new decade of enforced - but sometimes vital, life-affirming - contrast.

Pro wrestling in 2020 has yielded classic World title matches held in front of tens of thousands of zealous fans at the apex of a four year-journey; mid midcard matches held in front of no fans to fulfil a contractual obligation; matches held in Titan Towers, boneyards, parking lots and the suburbs of John Cena's mind; matches that restored old stipulations; matches that created new, thrilling stipulations; matches that Baron Corbin infamously hated; matches Baron Corbin worked that were exponentially worse; matches downsized from stadiums to gyms; matches worked in empty stadiums full of soul...

Which were the 10 best?

Matches from the Empty Arena Era are included.

Though one could make the argument that even lesser-worked matches with crowds are automatically better - and there were far more than 10 worldwide bangers held before Tom Hanks ruined the world - a certain respect should be paid to those who successfully executed pro wrestling's greatest challenge.

Particularly since, in one case, two men crafted a match exhilarating in its acknowledgement of a new, depressing context.


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