10 Best Wrestling Storylines Ever

Looking back at the times wrestling just got it right.

Professional wrestling has an incredibly critical fanbase. Fans seem to enjoy complaining about a disastrous angle or horrifically poor match just as much as they appreciate the good stuff. These days the negatives seem to heavily outweigh the positives, with the WWE sleepwalking through every storyline from the upper-midcard down, and TNA lurching from one disaster to the next. Yet when the wrestling industry gets something right, the results can be phenomenal, reminding everybody why they became fans in the first place. Often this can come in the form of a great match or iconic promo, but the most truly compelling moments arise as a result of fantastic storytelling. For such a simple concept, wrestling can be used to tell an astonishing variety of tales - from the simple to the complex, provoking emotions of elation, anger, sorrow and excitement. Like any other creative medium, certain examples stand out in wrestling history as moments which defined (and even transcended) the industry itself. Some of the upcoming examples are known - and beloved - by wrestling fans only, while others broke into the mainstream and left an imprint upon pop culture. Here are the ten greatest storylines in wrestling history.

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