10 Best Wrestling Storylines Ever

5. Hogan vs Andre

Wrestling, at its core, is about the conflict between good and evil - and it's therefore no surprise that the storyline most responsible for the industry's mainstream boom was a battle along these simple lines. Former allies Hulk Hogan and Andre the Giant had turned against one another, the gargantuan Frenchman aligning himself with the devious Bobby Heenan and intent on taking the Hulkster's WWF Championship. The now-legendary status their WrestleMania 3 encounter has been granted is a testament to the strength of the surrounding storyline - because the bout itself wasn't actually very good. Match quality was never going to be the match's drawing point however, a point illustrated by the raucous reception Hogan received when he scooped Andre in the air for that iconic bodyslam. The PPV did a record number of buys, their televised rematch was the most watched wrestling bout in US history, and the World Wrestling Federation's path to glory was laid out before it. Defining Moment: Hogan slamming Andre, of course. One of the most iconic images in all of wrestling, and a symbol of the industry boiled down to its purest form: good guy versus bad guy.
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