10 Best Wrestling Tag Teams Of 2018

1. The Young Bucks


2019 may prove to be a year of huge change in the lives of Nick and Matt Jackson, but little of that potential evolution couldn't have even occurred without the new ground they broke this year.

Between the ropes, the pair continued to pie off lazy criticism that they were simply spot monkeys or stuntmen. IWGP Junior and Heavyweight Championship matches at Wrestle Kingdom and Dominion respectively were electric, whilst the energetic and exciting efforts against Elite chums Golden Lovers and their ALL IN main event foes Bandido, Rey Fenix and Rey Mysterio had to be seen two or three times to be quite fully digested.

And what was that about ALL IN?

Indeed, for all their excellent matches (and there were more great moments than ever before, as repeatedly revealed by the brilliantly broken state of Matt's back throughout the annum), 2018 was the year in which the Bucks and Being The Elite buddy Cody came good on a magnificent and transcendent promise to flog 10,000 seats for an independent wrestling show.

They did an even better job than that, and in fact turned the entire thing into a WrestleMania-level wrestling weekend during a notoriously quiet time for the industry. "Overachieving" would be an understatement - Matt and Nick changed the rules and changed the game.

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