10 Best WWE New Day Moments From This Past Year

It's a New Day in WWE, yes it is. Don't you dare be sour...

Making it in the WWE is an extremely difficult process, often involving many character changes, face/heel turns and memorable rivalries that stick in the fans' memories. Having an individual run in the WWE may be a journey which often ends in endless headaches and brick walls, but forming a stable is a whole different ball game and sometimes it's a case of two, three or four heads being better than one. Xavier Woods, Big E and Kofi Kingston were in midcard purgatory, treading water and moving from match to meaningless match. Then they were put together and formed The New Day. Since their debut one year ago, The New Day have developed into one of the most interesting things for many WWE fans. We all love the New Day. We look forward to whatever craziness they're going to come up with next, And there has been plenty of craziness over the past year. Let's take a look at some of the moments that made The New Day rock.

10. Heel Turn Promo

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WQ2IcTPeAM4 The Rock, Stone Cold, CM Punk, and Edge all took on the heel label, making their characters fresh and exciting after they arguably become stale as babyfaces. This was also the case with The New Day. During this promo, it is obvious that the cracks were beginning to show. It was around this time that they started using heel tactics to win their matches, but this promo was a key moment in the path that The New Day took to become the exciting stable it is today. Xavier's facial expressions show his anger at the mockery of his team, claiming that "We clap or we snap!€ Big E's impression of a little fan boy was hilarious, showing a glimpse of how much charisma he has, and giving the WWE Universe a sneak peak at the exciting things that were to come. This promo was the beginning of something, causing the fans to begin to wonder whether The New Day might just be something worth watching...


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