10 Best WWE Pay-Per-Views Of The Decade

The WWE Network might have killed pay-per-view, but quality came back to life in the 2010s...

Streak 21-1 Wrestlemania 30 Brock

A common way to assess exactly how the WWE landscape changes over time is to look at gaps of around ten years for the befores and afters. On the precipice of 2020, it's easy to assume that little has changed since the not-so-halcyon days of 2010.

It's the year The Nexus collapsed under the weight of WWE's booking and their faith in John Cena. It's the year CM Punk ended as a commentator before transforming the next one with a series of remarkable curtain-pulling promos. It's the year that two of the prior decade's dependable stars headlined WrestleMania only so one could depart never to really be replaced.

It...doesn't otherwise feel like ten years ago.

Whilst much has stayed achingly familiar, the monolithic and minted organisation have mastered the "solid, if unspectacular" pay-per-view format. There's only been one genuine duffer of note in 2019, and that was mostly down to one of the worst finishes in company history. They've reset their standards, but exactly how many could be considered "best"?

Well, one, as it turns out. But that's why the entire decade has been mined for this list instead...


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