10 Best WWE Singles Pairings To Ever Win Tag Team Gold

Greatest individual stars who united for gold.

Two Man Power Trip Steve Austin Triple H Undertaker

WWE has long used the 'tag team' or 'faction' as a vessel for developing what they believe are the true money-makers in pro wrestling: the singles competitor.

The Rockers gave us Shawn Michaels; Harlem Heat gave us Booker T; even the greatest Attitude Era teams like Edge and Christian and The Hardy Boyz produced four World Champions. That said, the WWE tag team is often a lopsided affair, as the company, sometimes blatantly, cultivate one member at the expense of another.

The booking of The Shield is a clear example. Reigns' transition from muscular mute to the frontman of the group made clear that WWE intended to use their momentum to produce one true megastar. Against the odds, all three men are now top stars in their own right.

The recent reunion of Ambrose and Rollins, two former World Champions, has brought to mind when the process is turned on its head: singles stars teaming up in pursuit of tag team gold. It is a rare occurrence but a welcome one, as upper-card guys often tread water when they are outside of the World Title scene. They ride a carousel of meaningless feuds, waiting for the space above them to open up.

Instead, these established singles competitors decided to band together to chase, and capture, Tag Team Championships.

10. Randy Orton And Bray Wyatt

john cena shawn michaels

Bray Wyatt has become something of a disappointing meme. Fans joke about the predictability of his feuds, where he attacks a wrestler for ambiguous reasons, only to ultimately put over his opponent after a lengthy and confusing feud.

That's why Wyatt's interactions with Randy Orton after the 2016 Draft brought a great deal of optimism. Rather than going down the predictable route that had so often doomed Wyatt, WWE decided to freshen up Orton's character by having him align with Wyatt instead.

Their Survivor Series win was a particular highlight. Both men were bonafide leaders, and together they destroyed Team Raw and ended the match standing tall. Later, their SmackDown Tag Team Championship win helped solidify their union in the eyes of the fans. Perhaps we had seen the birth of a new superpower in the WWE?

Perhaps not. Your blind grandmother could have seen Orton's betrayal coming from a hundred miles away. That said, Orton as a 12-time World Champion, and Wyatt with his brief World Title run, looked seriously dangerous as a tag team, even if their alliance was false from the get-go.


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