10 Best WWE Tales From Wrestlers' Court

10. Hardcore Legend Vs. Hardcore Holly

Mick Foley and Al Snow would hang out together a lot on the road, having a similar sense of humour and childlike sensibility. One man who didn't share that outlook was Bob 'Hardcore' Holly. So, in retrospect it's kind of surprising that the two of them asked him to come to the circus with them.

In November 1998, the WWF had just had a Sunday night house show in Austin, Texas, and RAW Is War was being taped the following night in Houston. Foley and Snow spent so long pecking at Holly to dump his rental car back at the airport and join them at Austin's carnival that, eventually, he agreed. The plan was that they'd drop off his car and then head to the circus, driving on to Houston in Foley's car for RAW. Holly drove to the airport, dropped the car off and waited... and waited... in the freezing winter cold, for an hour, before re-renting his car and driving off to Houston.

Once informed of the snafu, Foley insisted it had been a misunderstanding; he'd thought they were going to the carnival first. Holly replied that made no sense, as then he'd have to keep his car for longer. The two couldn't agreeĀ€ but when the notoriously jet-fuelled Road Warrior Hawk heard about it he completely blew up at Foley for leaving Holly hanging at the airport, and word got around to the Undertaker. Wrestlers' court was convenedĀ€- except that Snow had only just returned to WWF after a talent-trading initiative with ECW, having finally found a a gimmick that would get over. The last thing he needed was heat of any kind with the boys.

It was Foley's fault, but he wouldn't admit it.Eventually, a panicked Snow persuaded his friend to settle out of 'court', paying Holly for the additional cost of re-renting the car, plus two days' full travelling expenses - food, hotel, gas and rental costs - as an apology. Foley was still somewhat unrepentant, calling Holly a cranky curmudgeon, while Holly's somewhat telling rejoinder was that it must have killed the famously tight Hardcore Legend to pony up the $500-odd dollars to him over a carnival.


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