10 Best WWE Theme Songs By Famous Artists

9. "Booyaka 619" - P.O.D. (Rey Mysterio)

Though this theme has been somewhat tainted by a chorus of boos at the 2014 Royal Rumble, "Booyaka 619" is the quintessential Rey Mysterio entrance music.

This version of the song (just in case you forgot there was a version that came before it) comes courtesy of P.O.D., a nu-metal band most famous for their songs "Boom," "Alive," and "Youth of the Nation". While P.O.D.'s star had largely faded when Rey-Rey first used this song as his entrance theme in 2006, their song is representative of what were the most fruitful years of Mysterio's career.

His first theme was rather good as well, but this theme is more befitting of a "top guy". It's not necessarily a "better theme" than his first one, but it's certainly more noteworthy. This theme is just like the man it's designated to - fast-paced, hard-hitting, and difficult to dislike.

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