10 Big Problems AJ Styles Must Overcome In WWE

Phenomenal One could be in for a rough ride after Royal Rumble.

AJ Styles is set to debut for WWE in the Royal Rumble this weekend, in what many fans are expecting to be a moment of epic proportions. He's one of the best wrestlers in the world, and has been a favourite of the internet wrestling community for over a decade. Furthermore, WWE's website is hyping his signing, as if to indicate he'll be pushed hard in his initial run. But the reality of it is likely to be very different from the imagination of the internet fanbase. Sure, a push at the start is a given, but it is also probable that WWE lose interest quickly. Stop / start pushing is increasingly a norm, and you only need to look at Kevin Owens in 2015 to see how a guy can go from red hot to lukewarm in the space of a couple of months. He had a debut that involved defeating John Cena, only to then end up propping up the lower mid card against Ryback. The fear for Styles is that he doesn't know what he's let himself in for. He's left a well suited spot in New Japan for WWE's solid money offer, but what chance does he have for sustained success in WWE? Here's the ten big problems he must overcome.
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