10 Big Regrets WWE Probably Have About 2014

What WWE would change if they could do it all again.

Paul Heyman Guy WWE is in the midst of a turning point right now. It's in the air all the time and is being discussed among not only fans but within the company itself. The overall feeling is that things are changing and thanks to breakout stars on the current roster as well as NXT, that the future is indeed happening before our very eyes. However that future is coming at a cost. The company has made some moves this year that both confuse the eye and confound the understanding. While this is to be expected of a pro wrestling promotion, the fact is that oftentimes it's the fans that are left with hollow storylines and pointless events. While in its pursuit of its bright future, WWE is perhaps ignoring its troubled present. That begs the question of just exactly what, if any, regrets does the company probably have in 2014? Though it's impossible to truly know what WWE creative is doing or where they plan to go next, it's certain that the company would likely have changed some things along the way if at all possible. It is evident that despite its best efforts, WWE does often fail and when it does, the fans will always be there to call them on it and try to make sense of it all. Even now, many are trying to make sense of these 10 regrets that Vince could likely be shaking his head over as we speak.

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