10 Big WWE Returns That Could Happen In 2015

Which return could shock the wrestling world?

With WWE being the only major promotion left in North American (sorry TNA and ROH), wrestlers jumping companies is no longer the big deal it was in the late 1990s. During the heyday of the Attitude Era, rumors ran rampant about workers changing promotions and debuting on Monday nights. Without competition, wrestling has gone into a lull where wrestler's debuts are no longer surprising or expected. Back in the territory days, wrestlers would routinely change promotions intentionally because it created a demand for their services. For example, Randy Orton has all of the fans he's going to get because he's been on TV for over 10 years. His constant exposure to a national audience is great for the WWE brand but Randy Orton himself can't leave and introduce an entirely new fan base to his talents like in the earlier days. As the old adage goes "we can't miss you if you don't leave" and the men on this list have been gone long enough for fans to least wonder where they are. Wrestler returns can add excitement to a card and create buzz for an upcoming match. Let's start with someone who has been waiting over 20 years to make their WWE in-ring debut...
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