10 Big WWE Returns That Could Happen In 2016

The year of the comeback.

The concept of a wrestler "return" has always been important to pro wrestling. In the old territory days, it was a key marketing ploy. A wrestler have his run, then disappear to work another territory. On the way out, a territory mainstay would "injure" him or defeat him in a nefarious manner. When the touring wrestler then came back months later, the return would be sold as a huge deal, a chance to see a long-simmering grudge match settled. In WWE, the tradition has been kept alive, at least to some degree. Fans still pop huge for a return, excited by the fact they are seeing a star who hasn't been around for a while. In 2016, those big return moments will continue to happen. It is one of the best ways for WWE to generate interest and publicity, as well as being a great way for promoting events. Seeing fresh matches is what fans like, and with today's overworked roster, returns are essential in providing exciting new contests. The following men and women could feasibly be back in a WWE ring in the next twelve months.
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