10 Biggest Career Hangovers In WrestleMania History

These guys couldn't keep the momentum going after their big victories...

For many WWE Superstars, WrestleMania is a moment of crowning achievements and accomplished dreams. They spend years toiling away, wearing their bodies down, hoping for their own WrestleMania moment, and in some cases they finally achieve that dream, only for it to fade away once the Show of Shows is over. Many wrestlers have managed to put on some spectacular matches at WrestleMania, which have led to historic, emotional, and otherwise unforgettable moments at WrestleMania itself. However, in some of these cases, within a few months of WrestleMania being over, those same Superstars have lost whatever momentum they had going into, and leaving the show. This article will look at the 10 biggest post-WrestleMania hangovers in history, with most of the entries taking place during or after WrestleMania XX (with one exception). It will highlight the major accomplishments that certain wrestlers had at WrestleMania, and will follow-up with what happened to each of those Superstars in the months and years that followed their accomplishments. To be clear, this article does not look at those situations where wrestlers retired or were put on the shelf shortly after a Mania match. It will only cover WWE Superstars who still kept performing in WWE after their major moment, only for their careers to experience delays, disruptions, or other serious derailments.

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