10 Biggest Celebrity Wrestling Fans

Actors, football managers and musicians, they're all pro wrestling enthusiasts!

Jose Mourinho Vince Mcmahon Celebrity culture can often be strange - the way people act around famous people is sometimes laughed at by others, until they meet their own heroes and turn into a giggling mess. It's all relative to each individual, and hardly anyone can claim that they haven't been excited by the prospect of meeting somebody who has provided countless hours of entertainment for them. Interestingly, celebrities themselves are no different. Just because they're famous themselves, doesn't mean they don't have their own icons and people they look up to. As a professional wrestling fan, it's cool to think that famous folks enjoy the product just as much as the average Joe. It's actually quite intriguing that people would be surprised to learn that there are celebrities who enjoy pro wrestling. The industry obviously has a wide reach, and is after all one of the best examples of live entertainment available. Besides, WWE enjoy being linked to the fame of people from mainstream entertainment, so it's only natural there will be actors, musicians and other celebrities who are encouraged to be fans. This list looks at 10 of the most prominent examples. Some you may already be aware of, whilst others will shock you, but all are noted wrestling buffs, not adverse to tuning into an episode of Monday Night Raw.

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