10 Biggest Criticisms Of The WWE Right Now

Vince McMahon just lost $350 million in one day. Please read that previous sentence again to allow it to sink in...$350 million in one day. The failure of the WWE Network along with the less-than-expected television deal from NBC sank the WWE stock shockingly fast. Some investors are even calling for the sale of the company or for the current executives to step down. On television, the news is not much better. The product being presented right now is simply not good. Ridiculous storylines, stale wrestlers, boring matches, and awful announcing have been some of the criticisms leveled at World Wrestling Entertainment. The product simply isn't appealing to anyone but children and hardcore wrestling fans. With mainstream acceptance of wrestling at practically zero, it doesn't seem likely that the wrestling business is headed for a boom period anytime soon. To get back to an acceptable level, WWE needs to address some glaring problems with their product. Here's what they need to fix...
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