10 Biggest Ever Vince McMahon Over-Reactions

Titus O'Neil isn't the only victim...

Vince McMahon is the boss of WWE. What he says goes, for better or for worse... The latest big decision made by Vinne Mac has seen Titus O'Neil punished for a seemingly innocuous incident after Monday Night RAW went off the air. The WWE Network aired an extra little bit of RAW where Daniel Bryan was shown saying his goodbyes to the WWE Universe. After making his way round the front row of the arena, he made his way though a pack of Superstars who had assembled at the top of the ramp and to the back. Vince tried to do the same but was stopped by Titus who grabbed his arm in what has been described as a €œplayful and physical way.€ Vince seemingly took offence to the move and reacted by pushing O'Neil, almost knocking into Stephanie McMahon as she tried to get past. This was caught by cameras as the Network show ended but has since been removed from Youtube and the Network itself. The former Prime Time Player turned up for Tuesday's SmackDown taping but was sent away immediately after bing informed that he was being suspended by WWE for €œunprofessional conduct.€ The length of Titus€™ suspension hasn€™t been confirmed but it looks like it could be upwards of 90 days. That would rule him out of WrestleMania 32. If the suspension was handed out solely for what happened after Monday's RAW then Vince McMahon has over-reacted. Then again, there could be more than meets the eye with this one... Nevertheless, here are 10 more examples of when Vince McMahon has over-reacted in the past...
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