10 Biggest Main Events In WWE SmackDown History

Jinder vs. AJ to join the list?


The Manchester edition of SmackDown this week was looking fairly nondescript until news of an exciting WWE Championship match emerged.

Although he is penciled in for a champion versus champion bout with Brock Lesnar at Survivor Series later this month, Jinder Mahal's credentials will be tested in an unexpected title defence against AJ Styles.

Under normal circumstances, you wouldn't think this particularly noteworthy, but the sudden nature of the announcement inclines us to believe that the reign of the 'Modern Day Maharaja' may be under serious threat for the first time.

Jinder may have suffered a legitimate injury, or perhaps simply have fallen out of favour with his backstage superiors, making it at least an outside possibility that the 'Phenomenal One' could be about to step into his shoes.

And that's potentially huge, because ask just about anyone which Survivor Series mega-match they'd rather see, and they'll tell you that AJ versus Brock Lesnar is potentially the stuff of wrestling fans' dreams.

If it becomes a reality, then the AJ-Jinder forerunner that sets it up could go down as one of SmackDown's biggest main events, joining some of the B-show's all-time classic encounters in the process.