10 Biggest Mismatches In Wrestling History

David vs Goliath always makes for some interesting wrestling matchups.

Professional wrestling companies have made a lot of money through the years pitting a smaller "underdog" worker against a bigger "monster" worker; the so-called "David vs Goliath" formula is a tried-and-true one and it can reap massive rewards. When done right the style clash can make for a phenomenal match full of entertainment, but when it isn't it makes for awkward pairings, spotty work offerings, and an overall unbelievable vibe. That last point is especially important when suspension of disbelief can only take you so far with eyes on the product. The ten entries on this list feature some of the biggest mismatches in the history of the sport. As a twist, though, this won't strictly be size-based mismatches: in some of the cases, you take someone who was billed as a big-time star and have them placed in a match with someone who is much lower on the proverbial totem pole. And at other times it wasn't just size or profile that makes a mismatch, but what happened during a match that qualifies it. Whatever the scenario and whatever the reason these ten match-ups stand out above all else as true David vs Goliath matches. And those match types are still an important piece of pro wrestling whether they work or not.

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