10 Biggest Promises WWE Broke In 2019

Ye olde bait and switch.


WWE business is doing well in 2019. Ratings might be in the toilet at times, but the company are still making money hand-over-fist due to licensing deals and lucrative touring offers abroad. It's a weird time to be a fan though. The product, one that badly needs shaken up (and properly this time) is only decent at best.

Beware of any promises to change that in 2020. They might just be false ones.

The promotion's creative core is set up to pull proverbial rugs from beneath the feet of fans who are sucked in time and time again. That's how they operate, and they have done since the '90s boom. It's wrestling's equivalent of asking a child if they want ice cream for pudding, then laughing one's arse off when they sprint to the freezer and find ice cubes.

Bait and switch tactics are the norm, and so are hints that Vince McMahon doesn't think people give a damn when WWE suddenly change tack. The ones paying closest attention do - and they were the ones tearing hairs from their heads when the fed broke promises this year...

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