10 Biggest Stone Cold Steve Austin "What Ifs" In WWE

9. What If He Feuded With Jeff Jarrett?

Stone Cold Steve Austin

Double J during his time at in WWE was never one to move the needle one way or the other. He was a competent enough performer to work decent southern style wrasslin' matches, but never one fans got terribly excited to tune in for, at least before he started smashing guitars over people's heads. Perhaps though what lead to him being thought of as an eternal midcarder was Steve Austin's stubborn refusal to work with Jarett for the WWE title.

People have speculated on the reason that the program was called off, siting a pay-stiff from Jarrett's father to Austin, or Austin not liking his 3:16 promo being called blasphemous, but few speculated on the quality of the match the two would have. Jarrett proved he can have compelling promos in WCW and TNA, and has always had a reputation as a fine worker. Should he have gotten the main event program he felt like he deserved, Jarrett may not have gotten into the contract dispute with McMahon which lead to him getting the initial capital he needed to start TNA.

As for Austin, while this feud would never hope to eclipse the matches he had with The Rock or Undertaker, no fan would object to seeing these two southern boys go back to their roots for a knockdown drag-out style wrasslin' match.


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