10 Biggest Stories From New Japan’s Dominion And What They Mean Going Forward

Chris Jericho, Kenny Omega and others win New Japan gold; plus, a new faction comes together.

Friday's Dominion event at Osaka-jō Hall further cemented New Japan Pro Wrestling's place as one of the world's top wrestling promotions. For year's now, fans and critics alike have heaped acclaim on the Japanese company and its roster for their stunning in-ring showcases. Dominion proved much the same, with viewers already claiming it to be the wrestling event of the year. And while hyperbole runs rampant in online communities, New Japan's latest event may have exceeded the hype.

The dual main events -- Chris Jericho's pursuit of the Intercontinental title and Kenny Omega's latest encounter with Kazuchika Okada -- are what drew most of the nearly 12,000 fans in attendance. Still, Dominion's entire card helped pack the arena and draw worldwide attention, as New Japan and its stars spent the night among the top trends on Google and Twitter.

Beyond the lauded in-ring competition, the evening's results have quickly proven historic and may lead New Japan down an improved path of continued international growth. Founded in 1972 by Antonio Inoki, the promotion has traditionally focused on homegrown Japanese stars, but instead, Dominion saw new trailblazers for worldwide expansion christened. Nearly every major title was captured by a non-native competitor and many other international stars took the focus.

With that, let's look at who exactly came away from Dominion with gold, as well as some of the night's other big tales, and what it all means for the company's future.


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