10 Biggest Surprises Of Lucha Underground Season 4 (So Far... )

Murder, mayhem, and matches... check out all the highlights from the Temple thus far this season.

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Ever since Lucha Underground returned from its long hiatus, it has been moving at a breakneck pace. We're eight episodes into the season at this point, and the frenetic storytelling makes current WWE look like the dying days of AWA.

Storylines are being resolved, and answers to questions posed long ago have been revealed. Newcomers are winning their debut matches, and the body count in the Temple has never been higher.

You might think that a show like this would lose the ability to surprise you over time. After all, Lucha Underground has already featured magic gauntlets, time-traveling luchadors, undercover cops working for an ageless woman, and casket matches where people actually die and are never seen again.

And yet, the show still manages to surprise long-time viewers with unexpected moments. Some of them are delightful, enhancing the myriad storyline plot threads as well as the viewing experience. Others are absolutely ridiculous, and you can only sit back and enjoy the ride, since you have no earthly, unearthly, interstellar, or eldritch idea what will come next.

Whether it's an upset victory or an act of mind-boggling brutality, the shocking moments in Season 4 so far have been as relentless as they have jaw-dropping.

(And worry not. Although events from the current season are discussed, no spoilers for tonight's episode or events going forward will be mentioned.)


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