10 Biggest Winners From WWE Hell In A Cell 2015

We're all sort of winners because Kane isn't the WWE World Heavyweight Champion.

Now that Hell In A Cell 2015 is said and done, the show can be chalked up to a mildly successful affair. It benefited from a combination of being a non-major Pay-Per-View and already low expections. When no one is expectiing a WrestleMania-style performance, it's easier to find ourselves pleasantly surprised. And there were several pleasant surprises to this show. From the excellent action on the pre-show to the well-kept secret that Alberto Del Rio had returned to WWE, this broadcast started strong. It's true that a few weak matches were found in the middle of the card but the two Hell In A Cell matches delivered big time. Plenty of superstars can be commended from this night and they'll all be given their proper due as we recap the biggest winners of Hell In A Cell. Eight matches were on the card, so all of those who earned a literal "W" will get their kudos as well as a few other standouts with them. Ten winners were found in total. Vince McMahon will not be highlighted in this article, but if it's later learned that he lifted the color ban just to give the main event that extra level of brutality, then pretend he was on this list all along.

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