10 Biggest Winners From WWE Night Of Champions 2015

The real winners were the fans...or the lucky lady who got her face painted on Ziggler's tights.


WWE's annual Night of Champions event is the show where all titles are to be fought for and several important matters regarding those belts were very noteworthy. Three of the five titles on the line changed hands and only one of the retentions was done so cleanly.

The top two championship bouts involved one man, Seth Rollins. It was a mixed night for him as he walked out of the event with only one of his belts in his possession. He kept his WWE World Heavyweight Championship but lost his US Championship to John Cena. He's not as big of a winner as he could've been, but still a winner nonetheless.

There were other winners on this night, ten in total, and they all will be recapped in this article. Not every person or team who is on this list is a match winner and there's even one entry who wasn't in a match at all. While literal winners are considered for this recap article, it's not a necessity. The winners here are the ones who mostly just had the best night. 

The following ten entries highlight the absolute biggest winners from WWE Night of Champions 2015. Click on to join in with the various victory parties that are surely happening right now...


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