10 Biggest WTF Moments In WWE SummerSlam History

Biggest farce of the summer...

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SummerSlam, the biggest party of the summer. It's not quite the size of WrestleMania, but it's bigger than the Royal Rumble and Survivor Series...

As a key part of WWE's calendar, and one of the company's fabled 'big four', SummerSlam is as momentous as it is hot - you know, because of all the sun and summer things and whatnot. SummerSlam is the remedy served to cure the WWE Universe of that lull following WrestleMania, so you can bet your bottom dollar that something huge will go down.

For every iconic Davey Boy Smith vs. Bret Hart, Shawn Michaels vs. Triple H or HBK/Razor Ramon Ladder Match moment, you've got those weird moments that whip this sick, sick guy up into a frenzy. And FYI, Brock Lesnar F-5ing a shark hasn't made the cut in this countdown. Brock does this sort of thing on the weekend to a variety of animals, because merely lifting weights in a gym becomes tiresome after a few days.

Here are the 10 biggest WTF Moments in SummerSlam history....

Turns out the biggest party of the summer isn't much fun if you're a deadman, which makes sense because going out in the sun with pasty white skin like that must be an absolute nightmare.

10. Michaels Vs. Hogan

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That match when Shawn Michaels worked himself up into a shoot or, on this occasion, worked himself up into doing some ridiculous bumping with the aim of embarrassing Hulk Hogan.

As the story goes, Hulk and Shawn were supposed to have two matches together in 2005, the first happening at SummerSlam before a rematch the following month at Unforgiven. Shawn was told he was going to have to put over Hulk at SummerSlam - he wasn't happy about it, but business is business, right? Besides, he'd get his win back a short time later anyway.

The Heartbreak Kid's mood worsened when he was told in the buildup to the SummerSlam match that Hulk was working 'hurt' and wouldn't be able to do the job in the return bout. Michaels though 'f**k it, I'm going to make a mockery of this man' and proceeded to oversell everything. And then some.

The best part of this match is Hogan's reaction. There's no doubting that Michaels thought that overselling everything would get some sort of reaction from The Hulkster, exposing him somewhat live on pay-per-view. Hulk, however, would just stand there and no-sell Shawn's ridiculousness.

Michaels had been worked by the best worker - not that kind of worker - of all-time and it led to a lot of WTFing from the fans watching.

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