10 Biggest WWE Missed Opportunities To Turn John Cena Heel

Every time, they chose to sell more t-shirts instead.

John Cena Heel Turn

The John Cena heel turn is a bit like the Loch Ness monster, some people are convinced that it exists, despite all of the evidence to the contrary. They dedicate their every waking moment to spotting it and will speculate and speculate about when or how or why it will appear, thick wet tears streaming down their faces. "You'll see, when it finally arrives it will solve everyone's problems," they sob, frantically scrubbing themselves in the shower. "You'll see"

With Daniel Bryan currently on the bench for what could be an indefinite period of time (here's hoping for a Shawn Michaels-type resurgence a few years down the line), and the fans having soundly said 'thanks but no thanks' to Roman Reigns as the face of the company, Cena's spot as a top babyface is more secure now than it's been in years. Who would he fight as a heel, Randy Orton? Again?

The perennial reason for keeping Cena face is now, and has been for years, t-shirt sales. While the roster isn't nearly deep enough for a heel Cena right now, pastel-coloured tees that parents buy for their mewling frogspawn shouldn't have kept him face for as long as it has.

There were a number of times in the past decade of Hustle Loyalty & Respect that WWE could have shaken things up and allow darkness to fall over the Cenation...

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