10 Biggest WWE WrestleMania PPV Buys Ever

What was the most successful Mania of all time?

WrestleMania is a brand name that has grown to define Vince McMahon's business success. Using the novel concept of closed circuit television back in the 1980's, McMahon created the opportunity for wrestling shows to expand far beyond just ticket sales. The first Mania was the bet of his life. He could have easily lost it all on the megashow, but instead he found a success that served as the foundation for the WWF as a mega promotion. Off the back of Hulkamania, Vince was on to a business model that would come to create millions and millions of riches. The Mania concept evolved into pay-per-view, with big stadium shows becoming the home of WWE's most prestigious matches. While the level of business did dip in the mid-nineties, by the start of the new millennium Vince was back to producing successful WrestleMania cards. The brand has grown to a point where the name alone sells the event. What's changed is that the PPV format has become an over-the-top digital means of distribution thanks to the WWE Network. In looking back to the PPV days, these were the most successful WrestleMania events of all time.
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