10 Bizarre Wrestling Conventions We All Take For Granted

Ever stopped to think about what's actually happening in the ring?

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Professional wrestling is strange, there can be no argument about that. We are all, as wrestling fans, paying to see people in a variety of outlandish outfits participate in a carefully choreographed athletic simulation of a combat sport. This requires us to suspend our disbelief, ignore logic for a couple of hours, and lose ourselves in the story we are being told.

There are many things within the world of professional wrestling that make absolutely no sense whatsoever, but that have been so well established and ingrained in the wrestling world for so long that we barely notice them anymore, let alone question them. Sure, if you Irish Whip a guy towards the ropes, he’s going to keep running no matter what, it’s obvious. Of course an elbow drop is more effective if you bounce off the ropes twice first, how else do you think it won so many matches for The Rock? Why wouldn’t you kick out after the referee has already counted to two?

Professional wrestling is strange, but we love it anyway...

10. Entrance Music Can Distract Anybody

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Many an episode of Raw has shown us that while beating up an opponent, a wrestler can be distracted by the playing of somebody else’s entrance music. For bonus points, this happens even during a match, especially if the distraction causes the wrestler who has the upper hand to completely ignore their opponent.

Logically, there is no real reason for this phenomenon. In theory at least, the wrestlers are highly trained athletes, and are able to ignore all external distractions while they are focused on a contest. Indeed, they are surrounded by a huge crowd of (usually) noisy wrestling fans, most of whom are chanting, cheering or singing as loud as they can.

Also, if music hits to signify an impending arrival, the wrestlers in the ring can guarantee they have at least 10 seconds to get the pin, maintain a submission hold etc. before they actually have to react to any interference. But you can guarantee that if a face is about to win a match and a heel’s music hits, they are going to abandon their opponent and face the entrance ramp, leaving themselves open to sneak attacks and/or roll ups. Madness.

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