10 Bizarre Wrestling Facts We Just Accept

Here we are now, sports entertain us.


Facts are stubborn things. Wrestling fans? Even more so.

Yet the wrestling world is full of tropes that defy factual explanation. Adding much-needed flavour to even the dullest of cards, these widely accepted traditions keep us emotionally invested when the semi-intelligent part of our brain tells us to change the channel. You know, the part that hasn't been numbed by a million Steveweisers. Yet.

Pushing the audience's suspension of disbelief to parts unknown, these wrestling facts stand the test of time and are never far from WWE creative's playbook. They've become such a part of wrestling as we know it that the modern fan almost never stops to notice them. Smart marks, we are not.

In fact, we take these concepts so completely for granted that despite bordering on the absurd, it's difficult to imagine modern wrestling without them. From transforming an accountant into an elite athlete to teaching us ring gear is proper wedding attire, these wrestling conventions are deeply embedded in our psyche. But we wouldn't want it any other way, bay bay!

At least that's what we tell ourselves. Here is the nonsense we put up with...


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